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Adventure Tours - Kashmir
Kashmir - Houseboats
The gentle sounds of rippling waters and the beautiful houseboats are the greatest attractions of Kashmir . Made up of cedar wood, these mesmerizing water boat residences have elegance and are complete with stately living quarters, drawing and dining rooms, carved wooden furniture, glowingly embroidered rugs and fabrics. The large windows of the houseboats provide beautiful views of the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayan Mountains and the pretty Dal Lake with beautiful lotus flowers adorning it. The breathtaking views combined with the silent and serene atmosphere and homely comforts are enough to infuse new lives and rejuvenate the visitors.
There are wide varieties of houseboats, one can choose from, according to one's needs and requirements. ' Firdaus ' are known for their grandeur and has three double bedrooms with attached bathrooms, hot and cold water and a lavish living room. ' Khushal ' is a little smaller with two double bedrooms along with the other desired comforts. However, the most beloved of the honeymooners are ' Nishat ' and ' Khushdil ' with one double bedroom, privacy and comforts along with the beautiful views of the lake. The Dal Lake or Nagin Lake of Srinagar is also famous for its ' Shikaras ', the floating vegetable gardens, the visitors love to have a ride on, to all the way to the Mughals' Paradise .
Lonely India - Unexplored Destination In India - Kashmir
Kashmir - Tulip Festival

Seven-day long tulip festival being held here has given a boost to tourism in Kashmir .  One of the largest tulip flower garden in Srinagar , 'Siraj Bagh' was opened for the tourists to enjoy the festival. The tourism authorities in the state said they are using the festival to promote the state as a preferred destination. "Lot of Indians go to Holland just to see tulips, but now this place is near and more affordable for the domestic tourists. We feel we will get more tourists. We have come to know that about 12,00 tourists and mostly outsiders have come here," said Tanveer Jahan, a secretary of tourism department. The garden at the foothills of Zabarwan overlooking the famed Dal Lake has about 60 varieties of multi-colored tulips.  The festival that also showcased, the state's traditional art and culture, was an instant hit with the foreigners.

Lonely India - Unexplored Destination In India - Tulip Festival - Kashmir
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